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Skilled Litigation For Your Tuscaloosa Business

For many business owners, their company is their livelihood and the product of years of dedication. A lawsuit can freeze operations and impose potentially devastating costs on a business.

When your business is in need of skilled litigators, contact us and schedule an initial appointment to discover why Tuscaloosa businesses rely on Winter McFarland, LLC, for comprehensive legal services.

More Than 20 Years Of Litigation Experience

Since 1997, our firm has successfully represented Alabama businesses of varying scopes with myriad legal needs. Our clients have included businesses with local, national and international reach, individuals bringing suits against other businesses, business partners and contractors across a broad spectrum of industries. Our firm’s work in the real estate development, aerospace, and general industrial development industries has made us one of Alabama’s leading business litigators in these, and many other areas.

Attorneys Bryan P. Winter and Ruth Brightwell McFarland are renowned in Alabama for their proficiency in business law and litigation prowess. Our client-focused approach to litigation has helped many Tuscaloosa-area businesses find positive resolutions for an array of legal situations, including:

  • Employer-employee disputes – Employees are the life’s blood of any business, but occasionally, relationships between employers and workers break down. Businesses facing employee suits or seeking to bring breach-of-contract suits to an employee can rely on our firm to provide representation based on decades of experience.
  • Contracts – Commercial contracts are notorious in their complexity. In order to enforce or defend against breach of contract claims, these contracts must be examined in their entirety and any vague language must be identified for further consideration.
  • Commercial disputes – Disputes between businesses and consumers or between two discrete businesses can ruin a company’s credibility or result in significant financial distress. As your legal counsel, we will work tirelessly to resolve these disputes as quickly as the situation allows to reduce the damage to your business.

Our practice operates on person-first values. Your needs become our priority, and we strive to inform you of all developments or legal precedents that may affect your case.

Although we prepare for each case as though it will be litigated, we understand the costs of litigation and the impact those costs can have on a business of any size. We work diligently to help you avoid litigation if possible.

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